Here's an assortment of pictures from club meetings and performances over the years:

(Click the thumbnail for a larger version)

Dan and Nate in a 5 ball endurance contest (8KB)
Paul doing a backcross with a torch in a show (43KB)
Bob and Christy passing clubs (12KB)
Bob juggling torches (6KB)
Brendan putting up 5 clubs (3KB)
Bryan performing with clubs (16KB)
Dan and Bryan passing around 3 volunteers (9KB)
A club passing feed (10KB)
Collin juggling 6 balls (4KB)
Collin doing a force-bounced Mills Mess (7KB)
Eric with 4 clubs (9KB)
Aaron with 4 clubs (10KB)
Eric doing Mills Mess (6KB)
Dan with 3 torches on a rola bola (15KB)
Dan juggling 7 3 inch stage balls (3KB)
Dan successfully flashing 10 balls (6KB)
Dan juggling 8 rings (11KB)
Dan and Collin juggling clubs (8KB)
Dan on the front page of the paper (32KB)
A club passing feast (9KB)
A 12 club feed (12KB)
Nate juggling fire (11KB)
John juggling fire (13KB)
Jason showing unicycle skills (25KB)
John juggling in style(14KB)
Dan pirouetting in a show, passing with Paul(21KB)
Dan juggling torches at Riverfest (16KB)
Paul juggling 7 balls in a show (36KB)
Nate juggling 5 clubs (16KB)
Paul flashing 9 balls (4KB)
Paul juggling 4 clubs (5KB)
Paul juggling 5 rings (5KB)
Bob, Christy and Paul performing with big balls (14KB)
Bob, Christy and Paul, 9 club feast in a show (28KB)
Sean with 3 torches in the park (5KB)
Tick-tock club passing (10KB)
Paul juggling torches on a 5.5 foot unicycle in a show (29KB)
Eric playing unicycle laser challenge (7KB)
Dan and Paul just learning to pass clubs on unicycles (14KB)



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